• Are you interested in participating in the continuously growing market in China?
  • Can you offer high technology products for the automotive / aviation / rail or space industry?
  • Do your products require a proper project management to be implemented successfully?
  • Are you lacking the proper network to get access to interesting projects from Chinese OEM’s?
  • Do you need a proven, locally organized project team that guarantees for a successful realization?

Then you just found the right partner to get your projects sold and realized in the booming Chinese market – allowing you to focus on your core competence.

The sales process we found to be the most effective for our European clients is a 3 phased sales process with every phase being equally important for success:

  • Continuous contact to potential customers
  • Detailed information and presentation of your product / project to the potential customer
  • Your expert engineers or specialized sales team answer detailed technical questions

We offer the entire range of project management from turnkey project to simply assisting your project manager with local support in China or monitoring the project status from a high level view and reporting back to the headquarter in Europe.

Every project needs continuous effort and attention at least in the warranty period and often even beyond. We will assist your service and after sales support team to act as the first point of contact towards the Chinese customer and fix minor problems immediately without wasting your valuable time.