TECOB offers expertise in all stages of the development of your test center. Before we can start the development of your facility you have to tell us your specific needs.

Environmental testing of vehicles in test facilities is very challenging. On the one side you want a universal facility for all your needs. But putting too many options into one facility quickly explodes the budget and later limits you in the operation.

In many cases more specialized test facilities give you a better operation performance and help you saving money and developing better products.

  • demands

  • specification

  • layout & design

  • realization

We help you to define the demands of your project in every detail that allows you to start the specification process for your test facility

In the specification phase we go into the details of the subsystems and the refinement of the demands from the earlier stage

If the demands are clear and the basic specifications are done, we assist in setting up the aerodynamic design of the wind tunnel and prepare a cost effective and process optimized layout

In the realization phase we ensure that all the subsuppliers deliver according to the specificaions we set and that the project runs smoothly for you and your employees