Success Story

TECOB has been founded in the summer of 2014 as a start-up company managed and ran by Mr. Klaus Bernkopf located in the beautiful town of Faistenau close to Salzburg and in between some of the most amazing lakes and mountains of Austria. At this time TECOB focused on the linking of technical, project oriented companies with the enormous market of China and on helping them to get projects done in China.

Within the first two years we were able to extend our team of experts and widen the range of competence to also support with engineering knowledge.

Who we are


Klaus Bernkopf

  • Globally active Manager
  • Long experience in managing projects and in the leadership of multinational teams
  • Managing project portfolios to satisfy the company targets within an international enterprise
  • Development of strategic partnerships to expand the product range and to enter new markets
  • Academic degrees in Mechatronics & Business plus a Dual Executive MBA from the University of Minnesota and Vienna


Christoph Feichtinger

  • Expert in Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience in Wind Tunnel Testing, Vehicle Design and Numerical Simulation as well as Light Weight Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Academic degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

What we stand for


Any partnership has to be based on trust and needs a solid foundation to work in that way, that’s why we offer our work on a very flexible and fair basis. Every customer can decide by himself how extensive our assistance shall be used and in what field of business.

We are not to be understood as pure experts that provide statements and decisions but rather act as a partner that can advise in the language of a technician and develop solutions together.


Communication is the basis in any long working partnership. We recommend a trustful and open communication within the project team.

Quarterly, oral (presentation) plus written reporting to our long lasting customers should be understood as a must and will be done without the necessity of prior notification.


Quality in our understanding means not only high quality in work and service, but also value and thoughtfulness in written and oral communication and appreciation of all co-working partners. The final success of excellent collaboration shall be the satisfaction of the project-members.

Where we are

Our main office is located in the beautiful town of Faistenau close to Salzburg and in between some of the most amazing lakes and mountains of Austria.
Therefore, we recommend to capitalize on the beautiful nature all around when planning to have day(s)-long seminars and combine with summer-activities as hiking, biking or swimming and winter-sports like cross-country skiing, skitouring or snowshoeing respectively.

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