Legal Consulting

Based on the competence of technical expertise combined with a sound knowledge of law we offer legal advisory in the fields of:

  • machinery safety directive
  • labor law
  • product liability
  • product safety act
  • contract management

The combination of this technical competences, the experience of 20 years in leading functions of production companies and the legal education are our key benefit which we would like to offer our customers.

One of our partners WIFI Oberösterreich decided to extend their offered courses with „Rechtsgrundlagen für Techniker„, a basic course for technicians where we teach how to handle legal problem statements in practice.

We are not to be understood as pure lawyers that provide juridical statements but rather act as a partner that can advise in the language of a technician to legal matters.

Process Optimization

We offer our help to optimize your process flow:

  • Supply chain management
    • Due to the long lasting experience we can assist by finding the proper suppliers and the management of their deliveries in the correct order and „just“ in time.
      We will use our wide network of suppliers to guarantee the optimum efficiency and save costs with inadequate quality and deliveries.
    • Consequent audits of the suppliers can be handled by our experts as well as quality control of the goods delivered – you decide how deep you want to involve our team into that process.
    • We understand the supply chain not only until the goods are delivered, but all the way to a successful integration into your final product.
    • A detailed evaluation of the customer’s processes allows us to understand every detail of the production and offer tailor made solution on a case by case basis.
  • Lean production management
    • Based on the state of the art production management tools such as Kaizen, KVP, PokaYoke, shop floor management and others, we evaluate your production and help to integrate what is necessary for an optimized outcome. We consider it essential to have a look at the entire plant processes in order to find the proper tools applicable for the questionable production step and therefore we are not going to force any tool into an existing process, but evaluate the necessary KPI’s in detail with the work force and the management to find the proper approach for just this application or even the entire production.
    • With the predefined KPI’s we help to introduce a management tool that allows to analyze production efficiency and potential measures for improvement immediately.
  • Total quality management
    • TQM considers the entire quality (control) process from the supplier (see also SCM) until the respective part reaches the customer.
    • The quality standards will be defined by the customer but have to consider the relevant norms and standards that are applicable for the respective product.
    • Based on this inputs we help to implement quality guidelines that can be followed by the customer’s employees directly in the future.

IT Services (ERP)

We provide IT- and ERP-expertise for customers in the DACH-region to support and assist in consulting and customizing of the ERP-application and -processes in the fields of

  • Sales / service
  • Purchase / stock management
  • Shop-floor / production management
  • Logistics

Mergers & Acquisitions

With our partners and excellent network in China and in Austria we assist high potential companies with proven technology to get in touch with interested investors in China and to set up their M&A project.

We focus on high technology companies in the field of:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Environmental engineering
  • Medical engineering